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Totally Unspiritual Colts Season Prediction!

Okay, so before anyone pops off and tries to hammer me for being ‘unspiritual’…yeah this has nothing to do with spirituality, unless of course you worship the football gods, then what I’m about to share will be codify into the Holy Book!

For those of you who don’t know I am a die-hard, ever since the Mayflower trucks rolled in, Indianapolis Colts fan. I watch them whenever they play, read just about every article that’s written, and full confession here, I watched with a smile on my face the latest “Mic’d Up” featuring Matt Ryan…you can watch that here btw!

So, before their first pre-season game, I thought I’d share my totally uninformed and probably…but hopefully not…utterly wrong prediction for the Colts schedule this year, so here goes!

Week 1: Texans – If the Colts don’t win this win, I might just have to pull my hair out. W, 31-16

Week 2: Jaguars – I’m feeling a vengeance game cooking up, and maybe a 1 game signing of TY just for good measure! W, 38-6

Week 3: Chiefs – As much as I’d love to pick the Colts to win this one, I’m feeling Mahomes will eek out a win in the last couple of minutes. L, 24-21

Week 4: Titans – This will more than likely be a defensive slugfest with both Henry and Taylor going past the century mark, but Ryan getting the better of Tannehill. W, 20-13

Week 5: Broncos – This one is really a pick-em for me. I just don’t know how well the Broncos will have gelled at this point, but if I’m honest, my gut tells me this is loss number 2. L, 21-17

Week 6: Jaguars – Different week same results! W, 31-10

Week 7: Titans – Just because the Colts like to make it interesting with these guys each year, I’m thinking this might be the sole in division loss. L, 28-24

Week 8: Redskins…I refuse to use that ‘other’ name – Wentz will throw three touchdowns, unfortunately two of them will be to the Colts! W, 28-17

Week 9: Patriots – I don’t know how or why, but this game just…well it’s the Patriots. L, 14-10

Week 10: Raiders – The demons of last years collapse completely get exorcised and the Colts start a multi-game win streak. W, 21-14

Week 11: Eagles – Jonathon Taylor goes off for 200 yards in the game of the year! W, 28-9

Week 12: Steelers – Defense, Defense, and more Defense and the Steelers rookie QB slings multiple pics and turnovers. W, 23-3

Week 13: Cowboys – Everyone has been talking about ‘them Cowboys’ and Indy stomps out the noise! W, 31-28

Week 14: Bye Week – The Colts roll into the Bye on a 4-game win streak and are sitting atop the AFC South, and second in the AFC with a record of 9-4

Week 15: Vikings – Coming off the Bye, everyone is healthy and the offense is clicking on all cylinders, but the Vikes are too, it’s a shootout, but Taylor ices the game in the 4th. W, 38-34

Week 16: Chargers – The Colts come out a little flat the day after Christmas and loose a squeaker to Justin Herbert and company. L, 24-21

Week 17: Giants – Well, let’s just be honest…even the Giants know the Colts are gonna win this one. W, 27-17

Week 18: Texans – So, the Colts have the division and their playoff position wrapped up, and the Texans have nothing to play for, so Nick Foles starts and Rodrigo Blankenship kicks 5 field goals. W, 15-0

Well, that’s it folks! They wrap it up 12-5 with a home playoff game! Feel free to disagree, cheer, or moan. You can even call me a homer if you’d like, just don’t call me while the Colts are playing, cause you’ll get my voicemail!


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  1. Glenda

    Lets hope you right !!

    August 12, 2022 at 2:21 pm

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