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Women Stop Submitting To Men! – Russel Moore

Wow, when I saw this title I almost lost my cookies!  Then I read it more carefully and realized what the author was saying.  Way too often the Bible is mistaught, specifically in this area of submission.  Specifically, it’s taught that women are to be in submission to men as a whole.

This is not Biblically accurate or Scripturally sound, children are to submit to their Fathers (ie daughters to dad in this case) and wives are to be submissive to their husbands, but nowhere does the Bible teach general overarching submission of women to men.  My wife is not to be submissive to ANY other man but me, and her submission should be reciprocated by me with love, honor, respect, consideration, and I should cherish her as I would a Ming Vase!  My girls are not to allow ANY man but me to hold authority over them until the day I walk them down the aisle and “give them” to their husbands, and at that point my authority transfers to him.

Dr. Moore takes great care in both explaining the problem, then goes into great detail as to the disastrous results of this teaching.  To all my Sisters in the faith, please read this article carefully, and be empowered to become the women God has called you to be!

“Women Stop Submitting To Men!”

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