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It’s Time To Be A Man!

I’m not really sure when it began for me.  Maybe it was when I saw my first Clint Eastwood western, who knows, but at some point in my early childhood I realized I wanted to be a REAL man!

As I’ve grown up my idea of being a real man has matured and been honed by the manly role models we find in the Bible.  I’ve learned that a real man has integrity, cares deeply for those around him, protects and provides for his family, loves God passionately, is ready and willing to admit when he’s wrong, and many other things.

It’s also become increasingly disappointing to me to see how culture and, yes even the church, has attempted to redefine and diffuse what being a real man is all about (usually a man is portrayed either as a mindless idiot or a wimpy submissive boob!).  In the church we’ve tried to civilize men, make them into…well manly-women (Keep being a man but act and behave like a woman, not sure how that’s supposed to work).

Well, I’m calling all you men out there who have a desire to reclaim your true, authentic, God designed and God given masculinity.  I’m calling you to become men of character, men of integrity, amazing husbands, awesome dads, and unbelievable role-models to the next generation.  I think it’s high time we become all that God has intended us to be!

Who’s with me?!

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