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A Review: Taking The Lid Off Your Church – Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan is one of my all-time favorite church leadership/health/growth gurus!  He’s definitely solidified that standing with his latest book Taking the Lid off of Your Church, available on Kindle for a paltry $2.99.  Ever since I read the great little e-book The Leisure Suit Trap, which by the way is still available with several other books for free download on Tony’s site, I’ve been a fan and here’s why:

  • I can read all of his books in about an hour…that’s a pretty big one for me!
  • He has a great sense of humor, Leisure Suit and Cockroaches, need I say more?
  • He has actually been a pastor and lead churches through growth and structural change with success
  • Half of his books are free…another big selling point
  • His stuff actually works…yeah, that’s the big one!!!

In Taking the Lid Off, Tony’s approach doesn’t consist of cute rhymes or meter, but rather meaty questions that cause you to stop and really think through the issue at hand.  Tony isn’t trying to sell a ‘one size fits all’ leadership program, instead he forces you to look at yourself and those you’ve surrounded yourself with and ask, “What needs to change for me and my team to be successful?”

Although this book is aimed primarily at church leaders, I believe that it would be a great book for anyone who is serious about becoming a better leader to take an afternoon and read through.  I promise you’ll be challenged to think beyond your current situation and you may even find the solution that has been alluding you and end up finding yourself, your team, and your organization or church unstuck.

For more of Tony’s books check out his website: Tony Morgan Live

You can also follow him on Twitter, and it’s well worth the follow: @tonymorganlive

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