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An Open Letter To My Right-Leaning Friends!

Dear Friend,

I am, the same as you, disappointed at how this election turned out on a national level. I understand your frustration, and I understand your concerns. But, those concerns are only temporary. The Apostle Peter was beaten, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually crucified, yet when he thought about all those things in comparison to all that he had gained in Christ he called them “…light and momentary troubles.”

If tomorrow morning we wake up and a dictator has taken absolute control of America, would God still be God? Is somehow God’s power less effective today because of the result on Tuesday? Of course, his sovereignty and divinity are not decided by minuscule elections of mankind. And, I don’t mean to shock you here, but America isn’t promised anything in Scripture, don’t put your hopes in the USA, put them in Christ!

Finally, I want to challenge you on some things I’ve seen or heard. Where in Scripture does it say that a person’s political affiliation will determine their eternal destiny? Who gave you the authority to question a fellow believers love for Christ based upon who they voted for? Question them as to why, sure! Walk them through why you voted how you did, absolutely! But, to take it to such lengths as I’ve heard and seen on Facebook is shameful. You should look up those fellow Christians you attacked in such a manner and ask for their forgiveness, then you should go to God and ask him to forgive you for attacking one of his children. We are told by Paul to not look out only for our interests but also the interests of others and to consider others as better than ourselves. I fear that many on the right may have violated that very important principle from God.

NOW, let’s work towards seeing more people enter into the Kingdom…Shall We?!

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  1. Dean & Sheilagh

    We went to bed on Tues evening preferring to see the results in the morning. I must say that I felt nauseated by the results. I wondered if the prayers of 100’s of thousands of God’s people for men and women of integrity to guide our nation had fallen on deaf ears. Now that was my initial reaction. My nausea dissipated, so that I could spend the rest of the day being mad, not at God, but at the results. It’s taking some time but I am calming down and realizing that the Lord is still King and that God is still for us. Just trying to make sense of everything. Dave, thank you for your well balanced write up to both the right and the left. We appreciate you as our pastor and continue to pray for you and the leadership of Friendship often. God has a plan and time agenda for what He is doing for us as a church and for our nation. Prayer is so important during these times. We stand with you. Dean & Sheilagh

    November 8, 2012 at 7:47 am

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