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Building Update #5

Well Team,

The snail pace of the pre-construction process continues.  We gave our site design (parking, sewer, storm water, ect…) to the City and they came back with some alterations, and we have re-submitted it with the areas they asked us to address.  So, the next phase is submitting the actual building/construction designs for approval.

I can’t tell you how anxious I am to begin seeing ground moving on our land.  All of the dirt mounds piling up on Worthsville Rd are just adding to my anticipation!  If you are as excited about us moving dirt as I am there are 4 things I’m asking you to do:

  1. Pray!  Our biggest asset as we work through the submission, permit, and bonding process with the City are your prayers.  We believe that prayer changes things!  So, pray that our builder move quickly, that the City responds quickly and reasonably, and that everything would take place on God’s perfect timing.
  2. Talk!  Share your excitement for the building with everyone you know.  Talk to them about what will be happening there, talk about how it will allow our Childcare, which by the way is awesome, to grow and impact more families.  Talk about the coffee shop whose proceeds will be used to help people who are hurting, lost, and lonely.  Talk about how our teen ministry will finally be able to have a space of their own.  In short, talk about it, build the excitement!
  3. Commit!  Last year we presented the MOMENTUM project and many of you committed financially to give over and above your regular offering to make the project a reality.  If you were not a part of Friendship then and you’d like to know more about it and potentially become a part of MOMENTUM yourself then go to our dedicated website, read the information, watch the amazing stories, and commit to being a part of the MOMENTUM at Friendship Church!  If you’ve already committed, then let me say “Thank You!” and keep up the giving!
  4. Invite! Once our building is complete we will have seating for 600 in the auditorium and our kids space will double.  As we build over the next year our vision of glorifying God as an effective and influential church isn’t being put on hold!  Some may say, “Where will we put more people right now?”.  That’s a great question, I really don’t know…but we’ll find room.  Lack of space will never be an excuse for us to stop doing what God has called us to do, and when the time is right God will let us know what the next step is.  Kind of exciting, isn’t it!

Just remember, when God’s people, pursue God’s vision, in God’s timing, we can expect God-sized results!


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