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Building Update #7

Well, this is what we are currently seeing all around our building right now!  I’m thinking that I might pick one of these bad boys up so that I can fit in with all of the cool kids.  I wonder what type of gas mileage they get?

We’ve had some pretty cool things take place over the last month.  Now, we’ve still got a long way to go, but pretty much all of our meetings have gone fantastic.  We even had a huge answer to prayer in our excess dirt removal and actually have a couple of different people willing to take it off of our hands with no cost to us.

Here are the big items on our plate right now, and almost all of it is in the financial areas.  Our finance team is working over time to get all of this information together and correct so as to not hold up the project, but here is what you can be praying for:

  • The City is requiring us to get a Bond for all of our site-work.  Bonds are really not a big deal, unless of course you’re a church!  Then it can become a real process.  Be praying that we can get this completed and ready to present to the City by the Board of Public Works meeting on June 14th!
  • Our final architectural plans are almost ready to be submitted to the State.  This is the last major pre-construction hurdle.  Pray that the State approves and that the City signs off.
  • Compilation of the last several years of financial records.  Think of it as doing your taxes…blindfolded!  Yeah, that’s kind of what this is like.

The 3 people who are carrying the load are Don Stewart, Jessica Seelye, and Nita Conaway.  Please be in constant prayer for them as I’m certain the numbers can get overwhelming at times.

Here’s the really exciting news: If all goes well with getting our financing in line, and there are no unforseen hiccups at the June 14th BPW meeting, we can apply for our LAP (Land Alteration Permit) and we can begin moving dirt.  So, let’s all pray that the big boy dozer’s aren’t just at our neighbor’s next month, but are roaming around our land too!


That’s all for now!



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