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Building Update #8

Well the old expression goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.”  Have I ever mentioned that I have a rather driven personality?  I don’t know about you all but I don’t think I can wait an awful lot longer before I start having to gnaw on something (or someone) to relieve the tension!

Thankfully, things are moving, but as with everything that has anything to do with governmental red tape, it moves way slower than what we’d like.  On the very positive side all of our information for financing is in the lenders hands and we have multiple banks who are now ‘competing’ for our business, this usually means good rates, which means a savings in the long run…even better!

On the exciting side…if our bond issue is resolved and our meeting goes well with the City, then nothing further stands in the way of us breaking ground!  We don’t have a date yet since it’s still dependent upon those last two hurdles being jumped, but all signs point to go as of right now.

You will notice that some of the property next to Emerson road is already getting dug up.  This is a part of the improvements that are being done to the road and are a part of our new acceleration and deceleration lanes that will make coming and going much easier on Sundays and for our Childcare parents when all is said and done.

Finally, as I shared with you recently, we just reached 40% of our $627,000 committed to the MOMENTUM project, way to go Friendship!  If you made a commitment and haven’t yet started giving or your a little behind, I’m going to challenge you to start or get back in rhythm to help us reach 50% even faster.  Let’s keep moving forward to make an impact that’ll last a generation!


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