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Building Update #9


We finally have some movement beginning to take place (and the people rejoiced)!  I’m sure most of you noticed that the pavement on Emerson was about 90% done on Sunday, and as of today (Tuesday, Sep 9) it is completely done and ready for marking.

What you may not realize is that under that road we have laid our new sanitary line hookup and our new storm water line hookup.  These two accomplishments will allow us to begin moving forward on the creation of our new retention pond.  If you are not familiar with where the pond will sit on the property, take a detour over to our plans on the wall next to the Nursery to get familiar with where you will begin to see a huge hole in the ground in the next month or so.  I know that the retention pond isn’t something that most people get super excited about, but it will allow us to detain all of the rain water run-off of all our new hard surface areas, and should prevent any type of flooding.  Again, not exciting, but essential for us to keep moving forward.

We’ve also been able to work out an agreement with the City that will allow us to do work on our current building exterior and some interior, while we are waiting on the final approval for our full project financing by using the monies already given to the MOMENTUM Project by people like you who have so graciously and generously sacrificed!  This will allow us to build our new drive through and resurface the exterior to match the new building, replace our leaking wood framed windows, and expand our infant nursery (and all the infant nursery volunteer rejoiced)!  These things will have a direct impact on how we do ministry and the way our building is seen by the community.

So, to wrap this all up in a profound, intellectually stimulating way…“Stuff is happening people!”



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