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Last night, May 27th, we gave an update on our MOMENTUM Project, a topic of fairly regular conversation here. In that update I gave some information regarding what has been going on and what is happening next. To get a little more context look back at my article “So What’s Going On With The Building Project”.

Here is a very brief and abbreviated overview from last night (bullet point style):

  • In order to get sufficient financing we needed to cut about a million total dollars from the project, or be willing to wait another year. We cannot, based upon our numbers, afford to wait another year, so we began in March the process of looking at what we could do and get financed.
  • We decided to go with a smaller building to the North side (side closest to Worthsville) that would address all five of our chokepoints of momentum:
    1. Children’s Space (essentially our entire current building will become kids space)
    2. Parking Space (we will be able to at least double our parking space and more if financially able)
    3. Auditorium Space (we will be able to double our capacity from 230 to 450 seats)
    4. Office Space (as most of you know only Jamie and Jessica currently have offices at the church, this plan will allow the entire staff to be back in one location)
    5. Student Ministry Space (One half of our current auditorium will become to our Ignite and RIOT ministries)
  • We already have a bank that has given us a letter of commitment for a loan and will be working to find the best funding partner.
  • 65% of the MOMENTUM giving has come in, to be able to fully complete this project we will need everyone following through on their commitments. If you need a few extra months to complete your commitment please let us know.
  • 1st Quarter Giving Statements have been printed, but were delayed going out because I was working so hard on trying to get all of this completed. If you would like to see where you are in your regular and MOMENTUM giving, they will be available for pick up this Sunday morning. 2nd Quarter statements will go out on time, I apologize for the inconvenience!
  • Since 2010 Friendship has grown by 170% (138 – 381) in attendance and 130% in giving, God is blessing like crazy!

That is certainly not the same thing as having been there last night, but at least that should give you a pretty good idea of what was discussed. If everything goes as planned (I know I just hate even saying that out loud!) we should be in the building in late February of 2016 and celebrate our ‘grand opening’ on Easter next year. So, here are a couple of things that you can be praying for:

  • That all of our financing comes through quickly with no delays and the best pricing available.
  • That we have no more surprises that end up jacking up costs.
  • That we have great weather that will allow us to move very quickly on every phase of the project.
  • That all of the MOMENTUM commitments come in therefore enabling us to do everything necessary for the project.
  • That once the doors are open and the road is finished that God continues to bless us and this new building is filled up with people who have experienced the life changing reality of Jesus Christ through Friendship!


BTW, here is a rough sketch of the building, I know it’s not very big, but it’s the best I have right now. We will update and upgrade as available:

MOMENTUM Update Handout

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