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What can we learn from Game of Thrones?

So, let’s begin with the question that most of you are asking yourself…does Dave watchGoT GoT? Some of you are asking because you watch it and enjoy it, others because you can’t believe a pastor would watch such a thing.

I don’t watch it, but I really want to! When it first came out some 8 years ago I read up on it because it looked like something I would like, one of the common reviews was the random, unannounced sexually explicit scenes splattered throughout. Because of that I chose to not watch. I have however, because I always want to stay up on what’s happening in culture, followed the phenomenon and kept up to speed with it. 

I’m not passing judgement or attacking, that was my decision…but I honestly wish someone would take the series, remove or at least work around those scenes and release it, because everything I’ve read about it makes me want to watch it, and it’s probably the reason that tens of millions of people do.

GoT has tapped into something built within our human spirit, the desire for adventure! Every man and woman was created with a desire to do something great, to be bigger than life, to dream impossible dreams, and there’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, I believe God has planted those things within the DNA of every human being and it is a part of what makes us made ‘in His image’. God is a God of adventure, don’t believe me, read the book of Exodus again, look over David’s shoulder as he stands in front of Goliath, walk with Daniel in the lion’s den, swim to shore with Paul after the shipwreck…I could go on and on, because God is a God of adventure.

I believe part of the enamor of GoT is that it gives people an hour to an hour and a half of escaping the mundane and engaging in the adventure. Can I tell you something, your life was never meant to be boring! God has an adventure just waiting for you, you’ve just got to be willing to begin taking the journey with him. And, before you ask…no it isn’t safe! It will be racked with difficulty, the odds will be against you, the battles will be fierce, things won’t go your way, but if you fight on YOU WILL WIN!

But, you cannot win until you get off of your butt and join the adventure!


*Recommended books on this subject:

  • Pilgrims Progress Updated
  • Wild At Heart

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